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[postfix-jp:02349] Re: Postfix 2.0 release


Taoka Fumiyoshi さんは書きました:
>sample-mime.cfへのリンクが404 Not Foundになっています。
>postfix_jconf.tar.gz の方にも含まれていませんでした。


ついでですが、Postfix 2.0.1 がリリースされていますね。

| - New proxymap service for Postfix lookup table access via another
| process. This was added primarily to overcome chroot restrictions
| in the Postfix SMTP server (specify proxy:unix:passwd.byname for
| password file lookup through the proxymap server) but can also be
| used to consolidate the number of open tables by sharing one open
| table among multiple processes (specify proxy:mysql:/file/name to
| avoid "too many connections" problems).
| - With the local_recipient_maps feature turned on, the SMTP server
| did not recognize the local built-in double bounce address as local.
| Problem reported by Matthias Andree.


池田 望 (IKEDA Nozomu)   ike@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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